Yanmar 6-Cylinder Marine Diesel Engine Parts

Yanmar 6-Cylinder Marine Diesel Engine Parts

As an Authorized Yanmar Dealer, we have a huge inventory of genuine parts for 6-cylinder marine diesel engines, including:

  • 6CX Series models: 6CX-ETE
  • 6LP Series models: 6LP-DTE, 6LP-DTZE, 6LP-STE, 6LP-STZE
  • 6LPA Series models: 6LPA-DTZP, 6LPA-STP2, 6LPA-STZP2, 6LPA-STZP3
  • 6LY Series models:6LY-STE, 6LY-UTE
  • 6LY2 Series models: 6LY2-STE
  • 6LY2A Series models: 6LY2A-STP

As an Authorized Yanmar Marine dealer, we are able to ship Yanmar products only within our territory which includes the South East and South Central United States as well as most of the Caribbean. Details here .

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Yanmar 6-Cylinder Marine Engines Specifications

Rated Output
  • 6LPA-STP2: 220.0 kW and 232.0 kW
  • 6LPA-STZP2: 225.0 kW and 232.0 kW
  • 6LY2A-STP: 315.0 kW and 324.0 kW
Rated Speed
  • 6LPA-STP2: 3800 rpm
  • 6LPA-STZP2: 3800 rpm
  • 6LY2A-STP: 3300 rpm
  • 6LPA-STP2: 4.164 L [254 cu in]
  • 6LPA-STZP2: 4.164 L [254 cu in]
  • 6LY2A-STP: 5.813 L [354 cu in]
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