Yanmar YM-119802-55810 Fuel Filter

Compatible With 4TNV88-BDHQ and 4TNV88-BDHQ Engines 4TNV88-BDSA

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The YM-119802-55810 Fuel Filter can be used on the following Yanmar engine models:

  • 3JH5E, 3TNE84T, 3TNE88, 3TNV88
  • 4JH4AE, 4JH5E, 4TNE88, 4TNE94
  • 4TNE98 (Direct Injection), 4TNV84T, 4TNV94L, 4TNV98
  • 4TNV88:
    • 4TNV88-BDHQ, 4TNV88-BDHQ(T), 4TNV88-BDSA, 4TNV88-BDSA(T), 4TNV88-BDSAC, 4TNV88-BDSA2
    • 4TNV88-BDSA2T, 4TNV88-BDWI, 4TNV88-BDYE, 4TNV88-BNYE883, 4TNV88-BNYE883T, 4TNV88-GNP, 4TNV88-XMS

This is a genuine Yanmar part shipped with a 6-month warranty.

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