Detroit Diesel Inline Series 71 Parts

Detroit Diesel 71 Series Engine Parts

Detroit 71 Series: The Original Jimmy

When Detroit Diesel Corporation was founded by General Motors in 1938, the Inline 71 Series was the first model produced. This two-stroke diesel engine initially came in 3, 4, and 6 cylinders and was named after the displacement per cylinder it produces (70.93 in 3).

The engine started its career powering tanks, generators, and road building equipment for the US and Allies troops during WWII. It developed a reputation for reliability, ease of maintenance, and versatility.

The Detroit Diesel 71 series is one of the longest manufactured diesel engines of all times and is used in a multitude of industries through highway, marine and industrial applications.

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We carry a large assortment of new and remanufactured parts for 71 series models including:

  • 271
  • 371, 371T
  • 471, 471T, 471TI
  • 671, 671T, 671TI

For more information on IL 71 Series engines, please visit our Detroit Diesel documentation page.