Westerbeke WB-039140 Fuel Hose For Generators

(5/16" ID, USCG, TYPE A)

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Not Returnable


The Westerbeke fuel hose WB-039140 can be used for the following generators:

  • 4.2 MCG low-CO - 50 Hz, 5.0 MCG low-CO, 5.2 MCG low-CO - 50 Hz, 6.5 MCG Low-CO
  • 4.2 SBCG low-CO - 50 Hz, 5.0 SBCG low-CO, 5.4 SBCG low-CO - 50 Hz, 6.5 SBCG low- CO

This item is a genuine Westerbeke part shipped with a one-year limited factory warranty.

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