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Standard Procedures for Remanufactured Diesel Engines

Diesel Parts Direct has over 35 years of experience rebuilding Detroit Diesel engines, following the strictest of remanufacturing procedures.

First, engine cores are completely disassembled and all parts are cleaned in a chemical vat. Engine parts are then dispersed to specialized workshops for inspection and remanufacturing.

Thorough Inspection of Detroit Diesel Cylinder Blocks

  • Cylinder blocks are checked for surface cracks using a magnaflux procedure.
  • Cylinder bores, counter bores and crank bores are checked and machined if needed.
  • Water passages of the cylinder blocks are pressure tested.
  • Serial numbers, cylinder bore size and work performed is recorded before the blocks are released to the Production Department.
  • Crankshafts are checked for bends and cracks using a magnaflux procedure.
  • Crankshafts are measured and polished or machine ground to OEM specifications.

Complete Examination of Detroit Diesel Cylinder Heads

  • Cylinder heads are disassembled with all plugs removed and chemically cleaned.
  • Head castings are measured for thickness before and after being surfaced.
  • Castings are pressure tested with new injector tubes installed.
  • Valve seats are cut to specification on a seat cutting machine which ensures proper valve to seat mating.
  • Cylinder heads are assembled using new valves, springs, guides, seals and cam follower rollers and pins.
  • Rocker arms and valve bridges are reclaimed or remanufactured as needed.
  • Cylinder heads are supplied with new plugs.

Complete Remanufacturing of All Detroit Diesel Subassemblies

  • Connecting rods are remanufactured with new bushings.
  • Blowers are completely remanufactured with new bearings and seals.
  • Fuel pumps and water pumps are remanufactured using new seals, bearings and shafts.
  • Fuel pumps are bench tested prior to release.
  • Camshaft end bearings are remanufactured using new bushings.
  • Oil pumps and valves are remanufactured using new valves and springs.

Meticulous Rebuilding of Detroit Diesel Engines

  • Engines are assembled by qualified technicians who verify the correct components and acceptable measurements of all remanufactured subassemblies and reclaimed components.
  • Engines are assembled using all new bearings, seals, gaskets and consumable parts.
  • Complete engines are tested to OEM ratings using a 2500 horsepower dynamometer.
  • Horsepower output, rpm, oil pressure, crankcase pressure and air box pressures are recorded along with engine specifications and supplied with a start up inspection report.
  • Engines are rust proofed with a red oxide primer and enamel coated paint.

Diesel Parts Direct Guarantees Quality Remanufactured Engines and Parts

In order to provide you with the highest quality product, specific attention has been given to ensure that all proper procedures have been followed during assembly and that all specifications are those of the original manufacturer. Modification, installation, testing and maintenance of this product are the responsibility of the purchaser and should be performed in strict accordance with the original manufacturers service publications.

Thank you for choosing a DPDTM Remanufactured Product!

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