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Understanding your John Deere Engine Serial Number

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Knowing your ESN is critical to make sure your are ordering the correct parts for your engine.

All John Deere engines have a 13-digit serial number identifying:

  • The factory where the engine was built
  • The engine mode
  • The aspiration code (older engines) or the emission code (newer engines)
  • A 6-digit sequential number

The following guide will help you break down your engine's serial number into useful information. Do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 888.687.6576 if you need any assistance.

Serial Number Breakdown

Sample John Deere ESN

Emission Codes for Newer Engines

Emission CodeEmission Level
B Non-Certified
C, E or F Tier 1/Stage I
G, J or K Tier 2/Stage II
L, M, N or P Tier 3/Stage III A
R Interim Tier 4/Stage III B
U Final Tier 4/Stage IV


Aspiration Codes for Older Engines

Aspiration CodeAspiration Type
A Turbocharged, air to coolant aftercooled
D Naturally aspirated
H Turbocharged, air to air aftercooled
S Turbocharged, air to sea water aftercooled
T Turbocharged


Is your engine a 300 Series or a Powertech?

First generation 300 Series engines use the same model numbers as the newer Powertech; their technology is extremely different so very few parts are interchangeable. When checking your ESN, here is how you would know which type of engine you have:

Prefix300 SeriesPowertech
TO ESN up to 699999 ESN 700000and up
CD ESN up to 499999 ESN 500000and up
PE   ESN 001000 and up
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