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Perkins Overhaul Kits

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Overhaul Kit for Perkins Engines

Diesel Specialists, LLC offers a large selection of Perkins overhaul kits ready for immediate shipment.

Please use any of our quick links below to find the kit for your Perkins engine.

If you do not see the part you need, just use our quote request form or call us at 855.470.3524. Our knowledgeable staff will promptly answer your request.

Popular Perkins Overhaul Engine Kits





ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
3.152   U5MK0700
3.152   U5MK0701
3.152   U5MK9141
3.152   U5MK9201



ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
4.236   U5MK0704
4.236   U5MK0705
4.236   U5MK0706
4.236   U5MK0713
4.236   U5MK9143
4.236   U5MK9149
4.236   U5MK9197
4.236   U5MK9198
4.236   U5MK9199
4.236   U5MK9203
4.236   U5MK9203S
4.236   U5MK9204



ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
6.354   U5MK9151
6.354   U5MK9207

400 Series


ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
404C-22   U5MK0852
404C-22T   U5MK0853
404D-22   U5MK0854
404D-22T   U5MK0855

700 Series


ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
700   U5MK0825
700   U5MK0826 Item Guaranteed in Stock
700   U5MK0827
700   U5MK0829
700   U5MK0832

900 Series


ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
900   U5MK0821
900   U5MK0823

1000 Series


ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
1000   U5MK0708
1004   U5MK0709
1004   U5MK0810
1004   U5MK0811
1004   U5MK0812
1004   U5MK0835
1004   U5MK0836
1004   U5MK9210
1004   U5MK9211
1004-4   U5MK0834
1004-4   U5MK9209
1004-42   U5MK0813
1004-42 0.50MM OVERSIZE U5MK0814
1004-42 1.00MM OVERSIZE U5MK0815
1004-42   U5MK0817
1004-42 1.00MM OVERSIZE U5MK0819
1006   U5MK0712
1006   U5MK0714
1006   U5MK0723
1006   U5MK0820
1006-6   U5MK0837
1006-6   U5MK9212

1100 Series


ModelNotesOverhaul Kit
1104C   U5MK0769
1104C   U5MK0770
1104C   U5MK0771
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Cold weather preparedness: we stcok block heaters and glow plugs

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