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Cummins B Series

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The Cummins B Series is available in 4 and 6 inline cylinders. Because of the popular 3.9 and 5.9 liter models, it is known as the "one liter per cylinder" engine.

Cummins B Series diesel engines are used in various marine, military, construction and highway applications. They appeared in light-duty trucks in 1989 with the Dodge Ram.

Find Cummins B Series Parts

Cummins B Series Engine

We carry a large assortment of new and remanufactured parts for 4BT 3.9 and 6BT 5.9 diesel engines.

For more information on B Series engines, please visit our Cummins engine specifications page.

If you need assistance, please Request a Quote or Contact Us now and have any of our knowledgeable inside sales staff assist you. Thank you for your support.

Cold Weather Preparedness: We stock Block Heaters and Glow Plugs.

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