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Perkins Parts and Engines

Perkins® Diesel has long been recognized as the leader in the production of high quality, dependable diesel engines for the industrial, agricultural, power generation, and marine markets. As an authorized Perkins dealer, we sell only genuine Perkins parts as well as provide factory trained service for all models of Perkins diesel engines. We stock thousands of new and remanufactured Perkins® engine parts as well as a wide variety of complete Perkins® diesel engines.

Great Selection of New and Remanufactured Engines

Diesel Specialists, LLC. is proud to be one of the few companies with the personnel, expertise, tooling and testing equipment to be classified as a Perkins Master Service Dealer. We carry a complete line of new Perkins Diesel engines as well as a large quantity of remanufactured engines.

Need Assistance?

If you need help selecting the right Perkins engine part for your needs, please use our quote request form. Provide as much information as you can about the parts you require and our knowledgeable staff will promptly answer your request.

You may also call us at 855.470.3524 to inquire about current pricing and availability of our products.

Perkins® and all of the Perkins® engine models listed on this website are registered trademarks of Perkins. Diesel Specialists, LLC is an authorized dealer for Perkins.